Saturday, 16 February 2008

You can try to make me go to rehab and I’ll say no no no!

I used to read a lot but in recent years I’ve read one book - The Motorcycle Diaries - and apart from that I’ve maybe read bits and pieces from works of non fiction but that’s it really. I’ve been too busy to read which, I was always aware, is a sad state of affairs.

So I was very pleased that out here I have no TV, few phone calls and no SNP meetings and worknights to keep me busy. Therefore I have time to read. It takes a while to get back into it but I’m currently reading ‘Atonement’ (you may have seen the “major motion picture” that it’s now become).

It’s funny but I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about until I got to page 137 which gave me some clue as to where it was going. I am amazed that I persisted but now that I’ve reached chapter 13 and realise what it is the main character has to atone for, I am very glad I did. It’s kind of like having to climb a steep hill to finally get the most amazing view – you begin to wonder why you bothered starting the climb but all your doubts disappear when you reach the summit.

Well that’s what I feel I’ve done with this book. I am shocked and stunned by what Briony (the main character) has done – it literally took my breath away. And I feel like I’m grieving for her victim and for her - and the lives they will now each have to lead. I want to tell him that it’s okay, I know he’s innocent and was only ever guilty of loving someone. I want to urge her to go back and rectify matters, convince her it’s not too late but I know there’s no point because although she knows what she has done, she sees no way out. And my heart sinks with that realisation.

Okay, back in the real world I realise there’s actually no point because it’s not real – it’s only happening in the pages of my book. However, it means I’ve turned a corner, I am a reader again! Hoorah! I will struggle now to put this book down, just as I used to before my life became so hectic that reading the spine of a book was too much trouble. One book will lead to another and before I know it, I’ll be addicted again – so by the time I get back to my life in Scotland, there will at least ONE thing in my life other than work and the SNP.

Only thing is that tonight, after work, I’m supposed to be going swimming and then my housemate Julia and I are meeting a frog expert from the Baltic States for a few drinks and dinner – maybe he’ll be so into his frogs that he won’t notice my book on my lap!!!

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